Music Of A Generation Poem by Jim Yerman

Music Of A Generation

Each generation has its own music imprinted on its soul with all the emotions that it brings.
We have the beats we like to dance to and the songs we like to sing.

Our music tends to stay with us…no matter how old we get.
The music of our youth…is music we'll never forget.

Perhaps that's why, once the music of our generation
gives way to the next generation's style
whenever we hear music from our past…we have a tendency to smile.

For once that music hits our ears…our hearts begin to stir
as we think about the person we are today while remembering who we were.

I tend to think of the people in my life as music…each playing a certain role…
each person is a different song…imprinted on my soul.

Some people's music will stay with me…no matter how old I get
because the music I associate with them…is music I'll never forget.

Perhaps that's why once their music has been ingrained in me
once I've experienced their particular style
when they're gone and I hear their music…I have a tendency to smile.

For once their music hits my ears…my heart begins to stir
and I am thankful for who I am today…because of who they were

Because like the music of my youth…their music tends to stay…
and though it sometimes fades into the background…
it will never fade away, .

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: memories,music
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