Chrissy Poem by Jim Yerman


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I believe in synchronicity and the wonders therein contained…
I believe in angels and miracles and the mystery of the unexplained.

Chrissy was a friend of our daughter…growing up their friendship was like glue…
I remember in high school they dyed their hair school colors…Ali orange…and Chrissy blue.

I remember one summer she came with us to North Carolina…that's what good friends do…and in moments when we stop to think about her…Chrissy was our friend too.

It's been a number of years since she left us shocked and mystified…since our good friend Chrissy…committed suicide.

Her life was filled with sadness…so much agony and strife…and, one day, when no one was looking…she ended her short life.

Chrissy was young and funny and beautiful…at least on the outside for all to see…she was thoughtful and creative…she even wrote poetry.

But inside Chrissy was a troubled soul who lived in darkness and couldn't always see the light…this morning I was thinking about how I miss her smile and all those poems she'll never write.

How we all wish Chrissy had understood…she had friends and family nearby…
who were willing to do anything to help…who weren't ready to say goodbye.

On my walk I wondered how she's doing…hoping she is happy and feeling fine…and I appealed to the Other Side saying, "Chrissy, if you're happy…please…give me a sign."

Just something to let me know you're not sad and lonely anymore…
and then I saw it…a five dollar bill on the ground in front of my bookstore!

I picked it up, said "Thank you, Chrissy. I'm glade you're well, my friend…and in my pocket I placed the five dollar bill…I never intend to spend.

Was finding that five dollars just a coincidence…or was it as synchronistic as it seems?
Was it a way for Chrissy to tell me she is safe and no longer hounded by her dreams?

Was it just a random five dollar bill dropped from someone's pocket…or a sign sent from Chrissy down to me? You can draw your own conclusions…but I vote for synchronicity.

And I implore anyone who is depressed today…to remember you have friends and family near by…willing to help in any way they can…who are not ready to say goodbye.



Sorry for your loss..Sometimes life can be overbearing and a person might not figure a way through the ordeal or have the strength to go on.It's so sad that to think that in all life's trials and tribulation that it takes faith and courage to survive.s

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Belle Wassermeister 21 July 2022

Suicide is never the answer. Those who commit suicide always leave behind loved ones who are totally devastated. I know. I have seen it many times.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 21 July 2022

A very thoughtful poem so rightly said and brilliantly presented.

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Nabakishore Dash 22 July 2022

Fivedollar bill is synchronistic as I understood just to let u know that she was safe. a poem nicely and vividly explained.

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Richard Wlodarski 26 July 2022

My condolences on the loss of your dear friend. You've done her a great service by writing this very stirring poem. Your great compassion and empathy truly stand out throughout this heart-rending poem.

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Bri Edwards 18 August 2022

'By calling or texting 988, you'll connect with mental health professionals with the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, formerly known as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Veterans can press '1' after dialing 988 to connect directly to the Veterans Crisis '

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Bri Edwards 18 August 2022

True or not, I give your poem 5 stars.

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Bri Edwards 18 August 2022

I don't see my comments....yet. : ) I think the fiver 'you found' was a coincidence which your mind iinked to your wish for a 'sign'. If it made you feel better, good for it. bri : )

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Bri Edwards 18 August 2022

Do YOU have any comments on my comments? If so, please message me with them OR respond on this page and messaage me letting me know you've done so. ;) bri

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Bri Edwards 18 August 2022

And if her outward appearance covered up 'Chrissy' 's turmoil, AND there were plenty of people around her who might have foreseen 'trouble', WHY didn't they? ? ?

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