My Brother Poem by Donna McCord

My Brother

Rating: 5.0

Back in the recesses of my mind
I travel back to another time.
When we were young and full of pep
And ran up the porch on the same doorstep.

The miles between us seem so far
Where once I was, now there you are
I left my childhood memories there
But know, dear brother that I still care.

I think of you often and I call when I can
Wish I were closer to lend you a hand.
We can’t sit together, or go for a walk,
But I’m a phone call away should you need to talk

I watched the clock during your surgery
While I passed the hours in this drudgery
We thought that there’d be more bypasses needed
At least that’s what your doctor predicted.

I thank the Dear Lord that you only had three
That was two less than they thought you would need.
You need to rest and follow the Doc’s rules
That’s why they sent him to medical school.

But while you re-coup from you heart operation,
Take time to heal and take your medication.
I’m sending my love to you, Tim and know this,
No one cares more than me, your old sis.

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