The Gift Of Friendship Poem by Donna McCord

The Gift Of Friendship

How can I ever thank you both for everything you’ve done?
What you’ve done for my daughter, though she swears she’s having fun
Giving her a job so close to Christmas is a gift within itself
That means she can help buy Christmas and play Santa’s little elf.

With every penny she has made she bought something for her kids
You must be proud to know how much you contributed to this
I’ve seen the light shine in her eyes because she made her own money
She may come home tired but it’s made a difference in her, honey!

Five years ago we formed a friendship that goes beyond that name
You feel more like a sister and I know you feel the same
You’ve been the wind beneath my wings when I was flying high
Then picked me up when my world crashed and helped to dry my eyes.

I have no fame or fortune (yet) from writing all these poems
But if it hadn’t been for you, no one would know I even write them
I’ve made a few bucks by doing this since I lost my job
But I keep hoping one day I will have to fight that mob.

When I was working I’d write a poem and read it back to you
You would always tell me it was what I was meant to do
And truthfully I may die before the world knows my name
But that’s o.k. with me, it’s rewarding just the same.

So this one is for both of you, thanks for being who you are
No better friends could I have found by looking near and far
Your friendship is the greatest gift, and I’ll treasure it every day
Merry Christmas to you both, and may God bless you in every way

Rinz Xymethyst 05 March 2008

Love yer poem...(^_^)

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