My Daughter Poem by Donna McCord

My Daughter

So tiny you were when you came in this world
With your little dimples and head full of curls.
I thought at the time I couldn’t love this much
You held my heart in that closed fisted clutch.

You’d break out in a smile and you’d dance with glee
When we played peek-a-boo and I’d let you see me.
I prayed to the Lord to please keep you safe
And help me to teach you to walk in His Grace.

You grew up and started to notice the boys
And I thought you’d go deaf when you danced to that noise.
Then you had your party when you turned thirteen
‘Stop growing so fast! ’ I wanted to scream.

You learned to drive and wrecked that old car
That old yellow ford that had the blue door.
When you started dating and left us at home
You never knew I was glued to the phone.

And now here you are, an educated young woman
High school’s behind you, I saw it coming.
Your wings have grown and you’re itching to fly
But I just can’t seem to tell you goodbye.

From the very first moment I held your hand in mine
I knew this would kill me, this moment in time
When you’d kiss me and say, ‘Mom, I’ve got to go’
And I pray that I’ve taught you all you need to know.

From the moment of birth we know it’s a loan
This small gift from God from the seeds we have sown.
I’ll be waiting right here, don’t forget to dropp by.
Spread those wings, Sweetie, it’s your turn to fly!

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