My Family Poem by Jennifer Cook

My Family

Rating: 3.5

My family will forever be in my heart,
My sister's mean the world to me,
More than life,
All I ever wanted was a complete family,
To have a mother whom I never met,
My family will always remain who they are in my heart and soul,
My family is more important than my friends and my lover,
Family will always come first,
Family is family,
No matter what they did they'll always remain family.

Naz Nen 13 July 2010

am sorry....... it spoken to my heart and belive me all sister r mean, just from the outside

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I love this poem fits a lot of people very well written.. Please take the time to view some of my poems thank you so much...God bless

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Pietro 6 12 January 2016

I like.It seems simple, but are profound words

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Kshirod 19 November 2017

This song is a heart touching.Family is the best gift by God.Thanks for sharing this poem.

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Ahana 28 May 2018

Very nice poem..... Very heart touching...... Thanks for sharing......

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matthew renteria 19 February 2020

i found this poem to be really close to me as i have suffered these same things. thank you for writing this poem

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sphiwesihle 24 July 2019

very nice poem

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Kiruthika 13 February 2019

Add a comment.sema

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It is nice but not much more sorry

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Redfetycd 06 June 2018

Not very good.

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