A Smile Poem by Jennifer Cook

A Smile

Rating: 4.5

A smile from his face made me smile,
His laughter,
How he makes me laugh,
A thunderstorm can’t stop me from loving him,
Even thou he and I are no longer together,
But his laughter, his smile,
Will always make me smile,
He was my first love,
My first crush,
My everything,
I loved everything about him,
His smile,
His laughter,
His warmth,
He will soon enough will know how I feel,
Heavens sent me above,
Above from this beyond white clouds,
His footsteps,
He keeps something’s apart of me,
Apart that he has but his smile will always be remembered.

Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 23 July 2008

A smile- you have poured your feeling beautifully. The one who read your poems can grow young: so innocently words are coined. Your biography is excelent, more than a poem. I shall be happy if you reed some of my poems Cheer you Shanmugam Chettiar

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adil Khan 20 November 2006

hy nice poem keep it up our thinking are so same

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Zana Gg 19 August 2006

i love this poem a lot of ppl feel like that but only the talented ones can describe it so well... ill be waiting to read other new poems of yours

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