My Father Poem by Eman Elbadawi

My Father

Rating: 4.4

He was
No I can't say 'he was'
He is
In my heart
He is
In the core of my heart
He is
In the heart of my love
He is
My love
His gentleness
I can never forget
Valentine is at the door
And still
I can not love
Anyone more
His death
Was a birth for him
And for myself
A death
To happiness
Seven years have passed
And men are his shadow!

Aashish Ameya 16 August 2006

u r lucky u had this kind of father...good poem

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Amany Kamal 18 April 2006

Eman, I just love your poems. Your feelinhs are evidently so true and honest Yours Amany

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Peter A. Crowther 31 October 2005

This is a wonderful tribute to your father and a testimonial to your great love for him.

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Raynette Eitel 14 June 2005

This poem, simple as it seems, says so much more than its few words and short lines. It is the essence of love and a wonderful tribute to your father. Raynette

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Lamont Palmer 14 June 2005

Eman, this poem deserved more than a 6. It has unique string of words to describe your dad. I just lost my dad on May 14th of this year, so I could feel the pain in the lines which matched the pain in my heart as well. Keep strong, friend...and take care.

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