My Favourite Things Poem by Angela Wybrow

My Favourite Things

I love lots of things in life. By many things, I'm cheered.
By the time you've read the following list, you may think I'm a bit weird!

I love watching the penguins at the zoo.
I love the giraffes and the zebras too.
I love the sights and sounds of a carousel.
I love the distinctive toll of the Big Ben bell.
There are many shows I love on TV,
Like Doctor Who, Merlin, Coast and Glee.

I love eating out in Wetherspoons pubs.
I love eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream tubs.
I love to eat a slice of gooey chocolate cake.
I love to drink a thick, frothy milkshake.
I love the bassoon's deep resonant tone.
In summer, I love to eat an ice cream cone.

I love walking by the Thames on a sunny day.
I love cooked breakfasts when I go away.
I love watching swans swimming, gliding past.
I love floating bubbles - it's a shame they don't last!
I love hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and cream.
I love Edinburgh at festival time - have you been?

I love to go and see a theatre show.
I love the sight of freshly fallen snow.
I love seeing seals in their natural habitat.
I love to befriend and pet a cute cat.
I love to sing with a huge choir on the stage
And read a book which is compelling page after page.

I love lasagne and garlic bread.
I love the snuggly warmth of my bed.
I love to listen to music when I'm feeling low.
I love the moon and stars, which in the sky glow.
I love pastel colours of every hue -
Baby pink, lilac, lemon and powder blue.

Maybe if you have a spare while,
You can list the things that make you smile? !

Angela Wybrow

Angela Wybrow

Salisbury, Wilts, UK
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