My Feathered Friend Poem by Angela Wybrow

My Feathered Friend

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You were my funny, little feathered friend;
To your every need, I would always tend.
You’d stand under a running tap, trying to catch the drips.
In your brightly coloured birdbath, you loved to take a dip.

In your mirror, you thought you’d found a new mate,
And your food, for him, you’d, very kindly, regurgitate!
For hours on end, you could roam freely out of your cage;
You’d happily spend ages, shredding a newspaper page.

Some of your acrobatics, used to scare me half to death;
Scared that you’d fall and hurt yourself, I’d hold my breath.
On the lace curtains, you’d sometimes catch your claws.
I had to be extremely careful, when I opened any doors.

Through the rungs of your ladder, you’d sometimes squeeze;
This often worried me, but you, it really seemed to please.
I’d often give you a freshly washed, lettuce leaf to eat,
But you bathed on it instead, and thought it was a treat.

The wallpaper, above the kitchen cupboard, you’d often chew,
And when you spied me eating food, you’d want some too.
You’d fly on to my head: you liked the softness of my hair;
Then you’d get yourself all comfy, and nestle down there.

Shiny, sweet wrappers, you’d always pick up, and throw away;
I replaced them onto the table, but the same action you’d replay.
Your antics, and funny little ways, often made me laugh;
You were often amusing to watch, and really quite daft.

It’s been ten long years now, since you passed away,
But one of your long tail feathers, I still have today.
Recalling your life, a smile appears upon my face,
And, in my heart, you will always hold a special place.

Linda May Fox 29 June 2012

Very sweet, funny and lovely. You portray the memory very well. I loved reading it!

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Dave Walker 27 November 2011

Great poem, really liked it, a good write. May i invite you to read my new poem called, Rise Of The Crow.

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Anthony Goodall 27 November 2011

really captured the moment, and a beautiful tribute.

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Angela Wybrow

Angela Wybrow

Salisbury, Wilts, UK
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