Ve Day Poem by Angela Wybrow

Ve Day

It really was the most brilliant day:
It was 1945; it was the 8th of May;
It is a date, forever remembered,
As the day when Germany finally surrendered.

The war across Europe had come to an end:
A war in which many had lost family or friend;
It was a day of much celebration
In towns and cities across many a nation.

Very soon after they had heard the great news,
Communities came together and really let loose;
Folk, they rejoiced: there was a great atmosphere,
With many a pub running right out of beer.

Raucous revellers filled Trafalgar Square,
Where hugs and kisses, with strangers, were shared.
As, on the Palace balcony, King George appeared,
The massed crowds below him chanted and cheered.

Soldiers and sailors were dancing the Conga:
The line, which they formed, growing longer and longer;
People danced in the streets and danced in the parks -
They danced and they danced until way after dark.

From out of folks' windows, lights dared to glow,
And many a gallon of cheap champagne flowed.
A kaleidoscope of colour lit up the night -
As did blazing bonfires, which were burning so bright.

People held parties right there in the street,
With sweet and savoury dishes laid out to eat;
There was Homity pie, and Corned Beef Hash,
Bread with Beef Dripping, and Faggots with mash.

There were Glory buns, Welsh cakes, and bread, spread with jam,
Apple Brown Betty, Plum Charlotte, and even Prune flan;
There were scones, carrot cookies, and eggless Fruit Cake,
Rock buns, Jam Tarts - all hastily baked.

The war had raged on for almost six years,
And, during that time, it had caused terror and tears;
It was a day of thanksgiving; a day of relief,
But, for some, just another day of deep rooted grief.

The people of Europe were finally free,
And many a face was shining with glee;
At the Western Front, the fighting had ceased,
And, all throughout Europe, there was now, much welcomed, peace.

Monday, October 21, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: celebrations,dance,food,historical,people,war and peace
Frank Sheehan 21 October 2019

Great rhyme. Very creative. Enjoyed immensely.

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king henry 07 May 2020

I totally agree Frank

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Magdalena 05 May 2020

Hi Angela. My daughter Jess 9 and her class friends would like your permission to use your poem

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Hi Angela Love this! Monmouthshire County Council are marking VE Day on social media this year and we would love to read your VE Day poem. Please can we have your permission to do so? Best wishes Fiona

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Jean Robertson 26 April 2020

Brilliant and captures the scene of such a monumental day. Please may I use in the church magazine?

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Alexandra Collins 21 February 2020

Really enjoyed VE DAY and The Evacuee. I could picture these in my mind. I would like to read these poems at our church celebration party for VE DAY on the 9th May with your permission

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David Thompson 03 February 2020

Hi, May I have permission to use your excellent poem for the 'VE 75 celebration in the town of Hedon?

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Angela Wybrow

Angela Wybrow

Salisbury, Wilts, UK
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