Kay Moore

My First Cruise - Poem by Kay Moore

Years ago my friend and I, planned to take a trip,
Claire is a cruise-a-holic, so we had to choose a ship.
Filled with anticipation, requesting this special time,
We phoned our travel agent, who suggested 'try Capricorn Line'
A mature Norwegian lady, who graces our Southern Seas,
Sounded most befitting, the luxury ship to please!
At last the long days ticked away, Christmas came and went,
The fun of packing bags of clothes, for this, our, main event.
The weather was magnificent, as we were piped aboard,
The streamers fluttered in the breeze, as the mighty funnel roared.
The Master, gently turned her, as serenly as we departed,
Gliding by the Opera House, now, our cruise had started.
Our well wishers, we left behind, awe-struck by our departure,
Statuesque upon the dock, mesmerised thereafter.
The ocean was our cradle, that rocked us too and fro,
And I might add, followed us, where ever we did go.
From choppy, to smooth, to glass like, with colours of every hue,
From Aqua, Emerald, Turquoise, Teal, to Electrifying
Midnight Sapphire Blue.
Shimmering in the moonlight, sparkling in the sun,
Welcoming us to the Pacific, our tropic cruise of fun
These will be my memories, many years from now,
Of all the treasures, held within, the Aft, the Bridge, the Bow.
The morning mile around the deck, spotless every time,
The priceless view from within the Gym, of the wash we've left behind.
The crystal clear water in the swimming pool,
The deck lounges, placed just right.
Striking blue and white and navy, round the decks, a pleasant sight.
The many varied eating holes, from elegant to ca...shhh.....
Gastronomics pure delight, best food I've ever had.
Champagne dining, smorgasboard, pizza and barbeque,
Every type of eating there, to satisfy, and please you.
Afternoon teas to spoil you, with exotic pastries and cakes,
My favourite was chocolate chip bikkies,
And the pastry chef's doough baked shapes.
The crocodile and the dolphin, to mention just a few,
Culinary arts extraordinaire, amazing what they can do.
The varience of passengers, aboard this four star ship,
Forever fascinating, to observe throughoout the trip.
The young, the elders, the families, singles, lovers too,
Disabled and sports minded, yet least of all, the crew.
As far back as I can remember, never have I seen,
A fresh and smiling, well dressed group,
That work as one giant team.
The spotless snow-white waist coats,
Elegant dinner vests, worn by but a few,
Immaculate laundered uniforms, worn by all the crew.
Beautiful tropical shirts, chosen for us, just right,
Delightful to behold, whenever in our sight.
Then of course the entertainers, being sure not to omit,
That special New Years Party, of which we all partook.
The 'loved to be heckled' comedienne, Ivor,
And hypnotist, Greg, extraoardinaire,
Who took a group of volunteers, to 'only they knew where'
The fine tuned 'Stardust' showband,
And the 'Starcasts' who were a treat,
Perfect co-ordination, with their rhythm, and their feet.
The audience were entranced, as Waltzing Matilda, was delivered,
Yet my eyes were overbrimmed with tears, for all, our Hero diggers.
To reminisce down memory lane, with jingles of the past,
To stand for our National Anthem, sure gave me a blast.
Yes my first cruise, has been, magic, and right now I want to thank,
All the unseen staff and crew, that make up the compliment.
Time is running out now, so not until I'm home,
Well then I will complete this verse,
Of all the fun I've known, so I'll finish qith a quote,
You'll remember as I say,
'Goode morn'in all, the wedders fine,
I ope you all ave a funtastic day!

Dedicated to all aboard, and on land who were responsible for the Magic of my first cruise on The Norwegian Sstar Capricorn Cruise 3 10th January 1999

Copyright (c) February 2013

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