Kay Moore

My Vote For Australia - Poem by Kay Moore

Listen and think, on Election day,
What sweeping statement, will your vote say?
Can you validate, how you will vote,
For those, from whom, there is no hope.
Do you love Australia, with immense 'great passion'?
Or just don't care, about any old fashion.
Love our flag, we raise with pride,
Cry your heart out, when diggers die?
What does it take, to be 'True Blue'
And what, decides, your vote, for you?
Does the concept of 'surplus' intimidate you?
When the reality of 'deficit' is so true.
Think about, what I say,
Our Nations credit debt, you'll have to pay.
And your grandchildren, and theirs as well,
A financial statement, straight from hell.
Our credit rating, was once, three star,
A previous achievement, above the bar.
Is it your choice, for our 'home grown food'
Or imported, mush, to feed your brood.
On supermarket shelves, cheap and available,
But sadly missing, the 'Made in Australia' label.
Have you not considered, sometime when,
That label, may not, be seen again?
Our farmers gone, our dairies too,
No fresh fish, or steaks for you.
Will you be happy, when it's all imported,
Or think right now how can this be sorted.
Will my vote now, help that change,
My country's future, will be my gain.
And what about that vile 'fracking' word,
Which the average bloke.....had never heard.
Only by miners, in the game,
Our country will never, be the same.
Do you feel betrayed at all,
By cold seam gas drilling?
Trespassing on farmlands, from farmers not willing.
Who love their lands with their heart and soul,
The products they produce, more precious than gold.
Contaminated air and water, is all they'll leave,
When the gas is gone, we all will grieve.
And what about, water retention,
Lets 'build more dams' be out intention.
Thousands more cattle, herds to breed,
Trees to plant and crops to seed.
Roads to construct, fences to build,
Whole towns and suburbs, even schools.
Power stations, airports, railways, hospitals too,
'Advance Australia', we'll always, love you.
No more floods, causing loss of life,
We could feed the world, without much strife.
Pipe the water, over the range,
Our country folk will welcome the change.
Think of the jobs, that would employ the most,
The west would be prospesrous, as well as the coast.
Then ther's the far north, lets habitate there,
Unlimited acreage awaiting our care.
At last but not least, I have to say,
There's tons more refugees, coming our way
Tens of thousands, we will have to keep,
They'll overtake us while we sleep.
Are you happy? they'll work not a day,
Whilst we are taxed in exhorbitant ways.
Yes my friends, please be open,
To all the porkies that, will be spoken.
And when after giving, your most serious thought,
Vote for a country, that can't be bought.
Don't be mislead, by false accusations,
Let this coming election, be the nation's salvation.
The billlions, they borrow, the larger our debt,
For political truth, please seek out the 'net'
Dont be mislead, by television debates or newspaper print,
Please, before you vote, have a big honest think!

Copyright February 2013

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem erupted due to my unhappy feelings about our current governments handling of my country

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