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1. Breakfast At Picaninny Dawn 2/11/2013
2. My Dentist 2/12/2013
3. Poet's Mirror 2/12/2013
4. Self Help Group 2/14/2013
5. Food Fior Thought 2/14/2013
6. My First Cruise 2/14/2013
7. Writers Retreat 2/16/2013
8. In My Father's Memory For Mark 2/16/2013
9. The Old Couple 2/16/2013
10. My Vote For Australia 2/16/2013
11. Happy Birthday Banjo 2/16/2013
12. Future Poets Society 2/8/2013
13. A Is For Ant 2/9/2013
14. Christmastime 2/9/2013
15. Sweet Silence 9/5/2015
16. Reiki 2/9/2013
17. K Is For Koala 2/11/2013
18. My Observations 2/11/2013
19. Self Assertiveness Through Self Development 2/11/2013
20. Anubis 3/5/2013
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What is Reiki, I hear you ask
I'll try to answer, so your doubts will pass
How can it heal, from where does it start
First, it must come from within your heart
Unconditional love, is what you must give
Through your hands, so that others may live
Balanced in harmony, being their goal
In mind, and body, spirit and soul
Reiki is an energy, of untold power
Yet delicate as the petals, of the smallest flower
A universal life force, into which we can tap
One touch of my hands, will give you a zap
It can't be seen, and there is no sound
Like the change of ...

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Silver bells and tinsel are the order of the day
Toys and cakes and puddings, will soon be on their way
Hopeful little faces, with wishes yet ulntold
Department stores, overflowing, with goodies to be sold
Trying to beat the bun rush, before all stocks deplete
Many a weary mother, drags her aching feet
Father's done his shopping, to fill the fridge with beer
Grandma's even done her share, to fill the house with cheer
But the man that we're all waiting for

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