Shobhit Lohia

My First Drive To Reality - Poem by Shobhit Lohia

My First Drive to Reality

One day I took my glasses
And my favorite jacket with me
I entered the garage and saw
My new car for which I got license
It was my passion, glory and love
I was going for my first drive
My first drive to reality

I went on the roads
making all eyes set on me
watching my new shinny car
but my eyes watching the things
which was not seen by many
and this was how I got
My first drive to reality

The big buildings seizing my city
nearby slums were still standing
the poors were asking for home,
for food and for clothes
ministers trying to hide this truth
making my city a hypocrite
My first drive to reality

Common man dying each day
Struggling for his necessities
Fighting against inflation & trying
to keep pace with running life
asking for help from ministers
hoping that one day they would
came out through their problems
My first experience with this ugly fight
My first drive to reality

The murders and crime were on top
Blood lying here and there
People living in terror everywhere
Now one can found oneself in peace
Hearing the cries and screams of people
Viewing tears and pain of people
Surely not enjoying the fact
My first drive to reality

Leaving those unfortunate acts behind
ministers and those extremists behind
People themselves were losing humanity
Killing and backstabbing each other
Betraying their own people
Liars and deceivers were every where
spifflicating glory and pride of the country
making me distress and sad during
My first drive to reality

When I came back to home
There was only one thing in my mind
I could not recall myself
Every time thought about doomed world
existing outside my house,
asking for help and changes
calling me to serve the country
awakening me from the long deep sleep
so that I can change the reality
My first drive to reality
-Shobhit Lohia

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 15, 2010

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