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My Good Heart

I am torn or I can say I'm divided between myself and Between my heart (my good heart) , I have a good heart, but What does it mean? I was born with a good heart, so What shall I do? Being with a good heart, It means you're ready to give What you own to those who don't own anything Simply to satisfy them even At any price you might be ready to pay, What shall I do to my heart? I need either to keep it as is or I undergo a surgery to replace it with another one Like the other available hearts around, I am really not satisfied with keeping or not keeping My heart simply because good hearts like mine Pay very high price for being like this, It's my good heart that orders me to do such-and-such for So-and-so, I like to help people, but Some people exploit my heart's goodness, I can't do anything to my heart and I can't replace it anytime, but I need only to talk to it personally just to fix it.

Friday, July 11, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life