My Hometown Poem by Ray Hansell

My Hometown

Jersey City is where I was born
I woke up to see many a dawns

It's not a bad city, it was a place to live
But there were many times it didn't forgive

The streets were tough, the winter's cold
It's a city you can embrace, but one you can never hold

The streets will own and rule you
There's not too much one can do

After some years you'll be ready to leave
It will no longer have the things you need

That's when you know the time has come
Because you and the city are no longer one

Now people grow up there and decide to stay
But so many many more just go a different way


Friday, June 18, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: home,life
Bandula 08 August 2019

How many stanzas are there in this poem

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Senura 28 March 2022

7 stanzas R there

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lucky 18 February 2019

Add a comment.explain about the poem

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Mohamed Rimas 30 June 2022

Is the poet happy about his city? give reasons for your answers

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Nalaka Pradeep 29 May 2022

One Stanza (Sonnet)

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dilan 29 December 2020

how many stanzas in this poem

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Nalaka 29 May 2022


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Vihanga 04 April 2021

7 stanzas

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Nilushi 07 March 2020

Howmany stanzas in this poem

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Ray Hansell 25 February 2020

Yes the poet was happy about Jersey City. I lived there 21 years and got real tired of it and moved. But there are things that I still miss about it. That's that.

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Ray Hansell

Ray Hansell

New Jersey
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