My Lovely Home! (For Singapore's Birthday 2008) Poem by Otaku Nature Lover CSHY

My Lovely Home! (For Singapore's Birthday 2008)

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Singapore, my island home,
Where my heart will always be.
This is our lovely home,
This is where the love should be.

My home, where I live,
A peaceful and harmonic life.
Filled with laughter and smile
And the bustling of streets that filled with life.

My heart is where it should be,
Alongside with my friends and family members.
All kinds of culture made us one,
With emotions that can be seen by everyone.

With my heart and soul,
I will say the pledge.
With the pride of a lion,
I will sing the national anthem.

Though small Singapore is,
a green city it is.
With many species of flora,
That gave peace to the nation.

Every national day is special.
Once a year to tell us that
This is a country where
Many are carefree.

Being one in this country
Is something worth the joy.
A place with tight security
And less dangerous place.

I will stand for Singapore,
This beautiful island home.
The place where the heart stays in peace,
For bright futures ahead and us.


artist this is a very heart felt write.i think it belongs on the pages of yal's news letter..THANX FOR SHAREING..YAY! YOU!

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twilight lover 11 August 2008

yay! go singapore! (:

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