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~*How do you love a EMO girl*~
Do you leave little love letters
for her to find as you go out
the door to start your

I'v offten sat and dreamed,
What it would be like to be
That bird flying in the clouds
High in the jewl blue sky above us.

We transzited here apart & alone
Until our adventures in luck & laughtor
Now we'r together in heart & stone
A new exciteing plain to explor

Ten Toes..here he goes..
The right foot leads the other
Adventurous eyes fixed on his mother
Her caring voice echoing

The girl I can't talk to,
The girl I can't reach to.
The girl my heart beats for,
The girl my soul hopes for.

She returns from her long day
The dim lights in the hall leads
The way to the master bath
Her foot steps echo far to near

Her pale white skin glows,
Like a moon lit night over,
A a beautiful oasis as she,
What my akeing heart,

Pain, is my life
Optimist, is my sight
Evil, is my breath
Missory, is my hope

On a crisp winter night,
A wondrous snow flake,
Began her glittering flight,
Dancing on the frosty wind,

This free will I chose to confine.
A hunger I wish to bind.
Thoughts of a love I cannot define.
It's a life Idare not decline.

Here with my friends in thought,
I have found none to part,
One brave, , One strength
One hope, , One spirit

I travled the red glay lands
Holding only hope in my hands
Always heading to the west
Many nights i layed in the dirt to rest

I stand beside,
A angle with copper wings
Painted warriors we fight
A battle of endless dispare

Two years ago, I met a young girl who's mom was in and out of her life
Then her father and uncle died a few mounths apart, So her mom was
forced back into her life.They came to my hometown, to visit my cusin
for she and the young girl's mom was childhood friends.We met when

Missing her hand gently wrapped in mine.
Missing her sensual lips locked with mine.
Missing her joyful laugh outside of mine.
Missing her voice in soft conversation with mine.

If I could be only yours
I'd take you to a place
Where we could be alone
In this place the stars

The beating of his heart gurgled
faint with the struggles
Of every night without his true love
His veins cut with shears

Crying eyes,
Bleeding mascara,
Love in disguise,
Emotions that will scare-ya,

Arrr! Ready kids..
Who lives in a seaweed shack by the sea?
Captain jack crazy and loony is he,
With sandpit eyes and kelp locks,

As I slept, a dream came in the night

A savage beauty that was in my sight
She had long soft dark silky hair

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A Emo Girl

~*How do you love a EMO girl*~
Do you leave little love letters
for her to find as you go out
the door to start your
journey of the day?
Do you tell her how wonderful
she is no matter the angry
words she has to say?
Do you fight to take her
razors and hide them away?
Do you kneel down in the
blood at her feet cry never
to give in to that horrible
cold dark defeat?
~*How do you love a EMO girl*~
With my heart and soul
Would these unselfish
acts be enough
Or will unconditional love
be the right stuff?

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Carissa Mcbride 05 December 2008

He's such a sweet guy if you get a chance then you should collab w/ him. he's awesome. -carissa

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Stacey Watts 07 November 2008

Steve, One thing I must say to you is truly be honest in what you say. I know you genarally are and your writing proves that passionate side of yourself that keeps a reader interested. I have truly had some good advice given to me one time that I hope will ring true with you as well. Be true to yourself if not your writing will end up deceiving you my friend. IT did me in the end. I just wanted to come over and say hello and leave one final wish for you. I hope you take care. Stacey

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Tyease Collins 14 August 2008

Awesome poet beautiful person. The nicest most awesome person you could ever talk to. Steve you are absolutely perfect.^^ I wish you the best in anything that you do. Your Desire, Tess

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