The Light That Gave Hope Poem by Otaku Nature Lover CSHY

The Light That Gave Hope

Rating: 5.0

Within the dark where we see nothing,
there is the light that drives us on.
Wherever this darkness is incessantly growing,
the brightness of the light will guide us on.

When did darkness overcame our lives?
Making us cower in fear,
uncertain of what's truth or false.
Only hearing many starting their prayer.

Where is the light we seek?
In the mountains, the city or the seas?
The warmth of the light is what we need,
to overcome the chilling coldness of darkness.

So, where does it come from?
It has always been in you,
guiding you on in time to come.
The light you seek is from your heart.

There is gain in every lose.
There are opportunities in every job.
There is a solution to every problems.
Let the light guide you through the darkness.

Sara Javed 08 July 2015

A wonderfully magical poem about hope... love it! It is a request to please read my poems. I will be grateful!

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Very beautiful poem, , nicely pened, , i hope to read more from you, keep up the good work.

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twilight lover 25 July 2008

hello (: nice poem. very thoughful. can tell that you've put in lotsa effort. great job!

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Katherine Ng Li Hoon 24 July 2008

What a great creative and interesting poem. You are really a born poet, considering that it is the first time you wrote a poem and your age.

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