My Malaysia Poem by Daya Nandan

My Malaysia

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My land of birth, this land i love,
Malaysia, the blessed land from God above,
Many have given their lives for this land in which i lived and grew,
To protect it courage within and weapons our soldiers drew,

Many have shed blood for our beloved land,
Died in battle and fought hand in hand,
Regardless of our religion, skin colour or race,
We must protect Malaysia, our birth marked place,

My beautiful home since i was born,
My country that my love has been sworn,
My motherland of all its beauty and greatness,
The home of mine by act of fate,

For you Malaysia, great patriotism lies in my heart,
It flows in my veins, a countryman's greatest art,
And as long as our people love and fight for you,
The skies of our freedom will always remain blue,

The word 'Merdeka' is far more than just a public holiday,
Our day of liberty when freedom was restored to stay,
In honor of brave men that fought for it with their lives,
Dodging lethal bullets and fighting against knives,

Leaving their families behind while fighting for our motherland,
Taking wounds in many battles just to make our country's flag stand,
Malaysians, appreciate this day and hold your flags high,
Let our 'Jalur gemilang' be waving in each of our eye,

Forgo all we can like our forefathers we must fight for our country with no regret or sorrow,
Stay united and strong for a better tomorrow,
Keep our land save like our fathers that have fought brave,
Never let go of our burning patriotism and make it follow us to our grave,

Let our unity be our pillar of our love and Malaysia's success,
For our country is safe from many natural disasters, a country God decided to bless,
And when people ask you 'where are you from' be it from Europe or Asia,
Look at them with a smile and proudly and say ''Aku anak Malaysia!

Sunday, September 13, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: patriotism
Leyjenthren 18 August 2022

Thank you for a wonderful poem. I recited this poem mentioning your name as the author of this poem. I won second prize on that poem reciting competition. Thank yousir

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pn chin student 15 August 2022

a really good poem for my teacher

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Nina 04 September 2021

Hi, this is such a beautiful poem. I'll read this in DidikTV, mentioning your name of course.

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Leesa 16 June 2021

Hello! Thank you for this poem. Will be using it as a material in one of my lesson plans to teach about Malaysian Culture. Don't worry, will give you the credit! ;)

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