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And now begins a brand new year,
A new beginning that is drawing near,
Another chance to for us to use time's gift,
To give our hopes and dreams a powerful lift,

Islam is not a religion of terrorism,
Nor does it promote senseless barbarism,
It is a religion just like any other,
Teaching lessons of peace to one another,

That tender look with that loving face,
Brings me to that magical place,
Beyond the heavens and stars above,
To that magical feeling that men call love,

Mom, i love you so very much,
You raised me with care and your loving touch,
Mother, you truly have a golden heart,
You walked me through my first steps for my life to start,


A dog's loyalty has no bounds,
Be it shepherds, mastiffs or even hounds,
A sense of loyalty as profound as the perfect wife,
Your dog would risk it all just to save your life,

Within the drawer of a broken home,
Lies an old photograph left alone,
A faded photograph so full of care,
With father and mother with love to share,

My land of birth, this land i love,
Malaysia, the blessed land from God above,
Many have given their lives for this land in which i lived and grew,
To protect it courage within and weapons our soldiers drew,

Schooling life is truly a bliss,
Learning in classes that we would never want to miss,
Each led by the dedicated teachers we know so well,
Teaching us to paint, speak, write and even spell,

I cannot believe that we found each other,
The perfect match made in heaven with no other,
Love birds crazy about each other without a doubt,
And in my head you are the only one i seem to think about,

Do not be a slave but be the master of your destiny,
Do not be ruled, courage and handwork is the key,
Do not let your parents force a career for your life,
Do not let them force you pick a husband or a wife,

The discovery of antibiotics has saved millions of lives,
Fathers, mothers, children, husbands and wives,
Our miracle drug that increased human lifespan today,
Our greatest weapons to keep many deadly diseases at bay,

A pregnant teenager walked in due to contraction pain,
She was rather chubby and dressed really plain,
She looked term and looked like she would deliver soon,
The night had already started as we could see the moon,

Being a lawyer is truly a tough profession,
Fighting tough battles when court is in session,
Fighting for the rights of the innocent and needy,
Justice against the corporate giants that are greedy,

Virtues are contagious, that is a fact,
People learn and practice from shown virtuous acts,
All brave men once took shed in another man's courage,
We must practice virtues for more people we will encourage,

Dare to be different and go against the flow,
Dare to be unique and embrace your own glow,
Dare to break the norms, dare to evolve,
Dare to change the way things around you revolve,

So many are suffering, so many have died,
So much of damage, so many have cried,
The airport is flooded, cars cannot move,
Because of bad attempts modernize and improve,

The world is full of cruel people that will lead you on,
Fake love for the fun of it under the golden sun,
Taking advantage of your mind, soul and heart,
Only to entertain themselves before they tear you apart,

Laid down in the silence of eternal rest,
No longer a rhythmic beating within her chest
To be released of pain that tormented her life,
She took it upon herself to end it with a knife,

Educated adults that neglect their own parents lives,
Rich but ungrateful men being slaves to their wives,
The same goes for women too, a sin without a doubt,
Forgetting what their parents sacrifice was all about,


There are 3 c's that all of us need to know,
To shape a better future with a magical glow,
3 c's of life that is all we truly need,
3 c's to plant within ourselves a wishful seed,

Daya Nandan Biography

Dayanandan was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 2nd of July in 1992. He graduated from Taman Maluri high school in Kuala Lumpur in 2009 where he served as the President for both the Red Crescent and the English Language Society. He received his medical degree from the University of Padjajaran in Bandung, Indonesia in February 2016. He has been writing poetry since 2005 and has many of his works published in school magazines. He was a member of the university's student council body and he has often participated in public speaking and debating competitions at the university level. He has won two silver medals during his days as a debater.)

The Best Poem Of Daya Nandan

2015 A Brand New Year

And now begins a brand new year,
A new beginning that is drawing near,
Another chance to for us to use time's gift,
To give our hopes and dreams a powerful lift,

Another year for us to grow and live,
Another year to appreciate life and give,
A year to strengthen our body to our outer skin,
A year to strengthen our infinite soul within,

A year to broaden our knowledge so vast,
A year to heal the old wounds of the past,
A year to work hard towards our dreams and goals,
A year to create bonds with new kind hearted souls,

A time to realize all the mistakes we make,
A time to make them the stepping stones we take,
A time of improvement, a time to learn,
A time to let all fears and doubts fade and burn,

A time to reflect back on how we have grown,
A time to visualize a heaven to call our own,
A time to work towards every enticing fantasy,
With a great determination to make it a reality,

And with this, we will let our progress show,
Bring a brightness within for our souls to glow,
And with a new beginning, we will start with a smile,
With a wish and goal to make this year worthwhile.

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Brian Taylor 18 June 2018

Daya can write very well I like all of her poetry. Daya is a very good poet.

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Daya Nandan Quotes

Let the wings of valor make you fly above the skies of fear

courage is the essence of the human soul

Valor is the heart of an army for it makes even small numbers formidable

Valor is contagious often when one man takes a stand, others tend to follow

The light of a courageous soul can brighten even the darkest ends of the universe

You can't use up courage. The more you use, the more you have.

Triumph and courage often come side by side

A mind absent in courage is being in darkness without light

We must trust our courage and let it make us look past our fears

Courage is a silent teacher that will prepare us for future years

Trust the courage within and let it be the wings you spread, to pierce the stratosphere and charge towards the hurdles ahead

Liberate yourself from doubt, lift your soul above the ground for you have the wings of courage and are not meant to be bound

Rise up against the terror of all your fears and doubts and embrace the cry of gallantry that your determined soul shouts!

if you want your skills to be as good as your ambitions you are just going have to work for it even if it takes every bit of time, effort and will power in you. If you keep at it with all the passion in you long enough, you will be unparalleled, unmatched, unrivaled. You will certainly be the best.

Don't waste your time, trying to divert me from my goal is like trying to divert a speeding car with the energy of a flying mosquito

Don't take everything for granted. Sometimes the things that are most precious to us will perish due to our own carelessness

If you can't become someones cup of tea, you can still change the situation and become their glass of wine

If you can believe against all odds and evidence that tomorrow will be better, then you have just set the foundation for a miracle.

When you know your enemy you become wise. However, when you know yourself you unlock the hidden potential that dwells in the core of your soul. An untamed and immeasurable force lies deep within all of us.

When one stops doubting his own capabilities he opens a door to ample possibilities

Sometimes you gotta be thankful for some of the hard times in life for these times have open our eyes to the treasures we were never paying attention to before.

My dear friends truth be told, the trust of a friend surpasses any pot of gold/

Don't raise your voice, improve your argument.Hard facts and proper articulation of facts are stronger weapons than showing anger and attempting to intimidate your foe.

the core of talent is creativity.

The Rhythm of Your Heart is Music to My Soul

believe in yourself and all that you are, know that there is a fire within you burning brighter than the brightest star.

Fear creates the shackles that confines us and courage creates the key that liberates us

life is meaningless unless you imbue it with meaning. You create your own purpose in this life.

Life is devoid of meaning. We are here to create our own value and to create meaning in meaningless world.

There is a fire within all of our souls but it is up to us to make it burn as brightly as possible... work towards your passions and goals with nothing less than a 100%!

A good video game distracts you from how shitty life is. An epic video game makes you realize that life is shitty in ways you never even thought of.

our actions determine us as much as we determine our actions

When things go wrong and break your heart don't become bitter and give up. Instead, build yourself up so you can become better and unlock new dimensions of your hidden potential.

When life seems tough just remember that in every challenge and adversity you face contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth

break your limits not your spirit!

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Daya Nandan Popularity

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