Daya Nandan Poems

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2015 A Brand New Year

And now begins a brand new year,
A new beginning that is drawing near,
Another chance to for us to use time's gift,
To give our hopes and dreams a powerful lift,

Islam Is Not A Religion Of Terrorism

Islam is not a religion of terrorism,
Nor does it promote senseless barbarism,
It is a religion just like any other,
Teaching lessons of peace to one another,

The Magic Of Love

That tender look with that loving face,
Brings me to that magical place,
Beyond the heavens and stars above,
To that magical feeling that men call love,

In The Eyes Of A Child, Mother Is God.

Mom, i love you so very much,
You raised me with care and your loving touch,
Mother, you truly have a golden heart,
You walked me through my first steps for my life to start,


A dog's loyalty has no bounds,
Be it shepherds, mastiffs or even hounds,
A sense of loyalty as profound as the perfect wife,
Your dog would risk it all just to save your life,

An Old Photograph

Within the drawer of a broken home,
Lies an old photograph left alone,
A faded photograph so full of care,
With father and mother with love to share,

My Malaysia

My land of birth, this land i love,
Malaysia, the blessed land from God above,
Many have given their lives for this land in which i lived and grew,
To protect it courage within and weapons our soldiers drew,

Teen Pregnancies

A pregnant teenager walked in due to contraction pain,
She was rather chubby and dressed really plain,
She looked term and looked like she would deliver soon,
The night had already started as we could see the moon,


Studying is no joke, it determines our life,
Whether we become a hero or a criminal with a knife,
It is not impossible to dedicate a few hours,
To know that every bit of knowledge feeds us strong powers,

School Life

Schooling life is truly a bliss,
Learning in classes that we would never want to miss,
Each led by the dedicated teachers we know so well,
Teaching us to paint, speak, write and even spell,

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