My Mother Poem by Katherine Perry

My Mother

Rating: 4.5

My mother has a very strong will
And will stand firm on the things she believes in
I knew growing up, and i know now even still
If you try and change her mind, you will never win

She worked hard every single day that i can remember
That is, when i was growing up as a child
Breakfast, lunch and dinner served always on time, but
i don't know how
And she still managed to sit down and join us to eat
with a smile

Some playtime inside, some outside
And always a snack in between
Sometimes i played with friends
And sometimes just pretend
My mom had patience, and never a temper that was seen

I was always so proud of my mom
Especially when she would come to my school
Everyone always told me how pretty she was and calm
Even the times i didn't quite follow the rules

I remember my mother listening to her favorite music
in the living room
And oh how she did love to dance
Now i can think back and remember those same tunes
And i bet she could still move now if given the

I loved the times i could have her all to myself
Because i loved all the talks we had
Whether it was about some party or maybe a boy and
how i felt
No matter what it was, she never really got mad

I got my mother's love for animals
Oh how she loves them so
Her heart so big for animals and more animals
And if she could, she'd take them everywhere she'd go

My mother has always been a worrier
Always making sure everything is alright
But when she's worried, there's no cure for her
And you never let her out of your sight

My mother has always been so sensitive and caring
Even though she holds her feelings in quite well
And some of the burdens she took on, i know they must
have been over time wearing
But with her strength, you could never tell

My mother has set such a beautiful example for me
And that is the way she loves and cares for my dad
She has opened my eyes and made me see
That if a man puts you on a pedistool, you give back
to him all respect in everything that you have

There is no sophistry about my mother
Just goodness, steadiness and understanding
And growing up with two sisters and two brothers
She was still to my father, never demanding!

Love is in her personality
Love is in her heart
Love is my mother
It is to her i pay tribute
And my love for her will
never part!

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