Kay Moore

My Observations - Poem by Kay Moore

While gazing thru the window, very late one night,
I saw them in formation, in their path of flight.
I guess I thought 'impossible', at least at what I saw,
Golden flying saucers, not two, but three or four.
I asked around my neighbours, and I listened to the news,
There was no other sighting, just me, a bit confused.
Many times I wondered, and many times I cared,
Is there really extraterestials, hovering, just up there.
I'd like to wish them welcome, maybe just to say hello,
If they could understand me, p'haps they'd stay, not go.
Maybe they've came to ponder, to see just where we're at.
Have they been here before, my friend, and are we on their map?
I wonder, when the last they came, they entered in their reports,
Those earthlings really aren't too bad, just mixed up a bit,
A little out of sorts.
But then, upon the other hand, I guess I'd like to see,
If somewhere in their data bank, there's files on you and me.
How would they rate our planet, on a scale of one to ten,
If you, manned a space ship, would you return again.
Then of course the problem, of deciding where to land,
In a giant desert, with nothing else but sand.
Or maybe they would prefer, the bottom of the sea,
And we would need a bathysphere, when invited down to tea.
But then they might just hover, right above our town,
So when they want to visit, just beam up, or down.
I wish they'd come and help us, to live and grow, in peace,
Too often in the past, in war, death has had a feast.
We are the endangered sphecies, like lemmings we will drown,
We are headed for extinction, with nuclear power around.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 11, 2013

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