The Orphan Child 05/04/10 Poem by Fahad Witchking

The Orphan Child 05/04/10

There is a shape lying
in a puddle of mud
under the pouring rain
across the barren and empty field

This is the story of an
orphan child, who woke
up from an eternal winter
to experience the “joys” of spring

Abandoned the minute it was born
deformed from birth, left to rot
it grew up all alone, tempered by
the fire and water of circumstance

All it’s life was spent in winter
the chilling breeze whispered into it
the deathly cold surrounded it
frostbite took its heart

One day, it glimpsed a slender creäture
flying gaily over green grass
and feeding on the pollen of flowers
And it knew the time had come for spring

So on a sunny day it walked into town
not caring for the whispers and stares
of the townsfolk, for it was only its
outer shell they perceived

The guards of the castle took notice of it
and carried it off for the princess of that land
perhaps they thought its appearance would provide
entertainment to the princess

The princess was horrified at her royal subjects
she said “deformed as it may be, it is still human! ”
the little orphan had not heard kind words ever,
and this was like the sun shining in caverns underground

So it became her loyal watch-dog
she would teach it many things
she clothed and fed it
gave it shelter

one day, while they were in the library
it showed her its frostbitten heart
the princess simply said “why do you show me
the most secret of your things? ”

crying for the first time in its life
it fled the castle, the pain was unbearable
it cursed itself for all the misfortunes
it had endured all its life

and so it cut out its heart, and was about to throw it
when it noticed it was frostbitten no more
“is this what the princess doubted? ” it thought to itself
raindrops were washing over it and the heart

Too late, he had cut out his heart,
his body slumped in the puddle made by the rain
his final breath leaves him as his eyes
gaze at the heavens, while lightning flashes over

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