My Only One Poem by leticia starkey

My Only One

Rating: 5.0

My heart is yours you opened doors that nobody could close nobody could touch but I knew when I saw you I loved you so much your eyes were glowing but your hurt was hurting and I didn't think it would last this long but during all of this you been so strong and when I cry on the phone I just thank god that I have you that your the person I'll end up spending the rest of my life with and I dont want to let you go but the love I have for you will never go you made every dream come true and I know that everything comes to a end good or bad so when you read this and were no longer and us or friends I want to let you know that I was glad until the end and that everytime I think about you my eyes glow in the dark because you opened my eyes to so much truth you made me the person I always wanted to be you helped me along the way and I know longer have anything to say but please never forget me and I will do the same I love you baby and it was not just a game

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