Friend Poem by leticia starkey


Rating: 4.8

I hope your the right friend
i hope to keep you until the end
until the day we depart
i hope to keep you in my heart
you are the friend i want to know just as good as i know how to sew
you were choosen from the few
i had no idea what i was getting into
then i saw who you really are
you were the friend that cared the friend that always shared
a friend that gave crazy dares
dares i would try even if it was jumping off the roff to see if i could fly
then with you i would cry
then i looked to the sky asking god why you had to die

Rani Turton 03 May 2008

A poem of a friendship that ended but continues with the memories. Nicely put.

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Risha : Ahmed 17 May 2007

So full of feelings and so much pain.

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Greg Oosterhouse 21 April 2007

I related my friendship to this. I love my friend, she means the world to me. Great words describing your treasured friendship.

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Andrew Rose 12 April 2007

a story with a sad ending, but its still rather good

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Kyle Jones 10 April 2007

Its funny how you read a poem written by someone you are aquainted with, and you can't help but wonder who the poem is about. Well anyways it was a pretty good poem

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