Pain Poem by leticia starkey


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pain surrounds you day to day
nothing helps it go away
pain in muscles pain in joints
pain so bad in trigger points.

pain that comes and pain that goes
pain that keeps you on your toes.
pain that people think is in your head.

pain that people don't know
when you sit in your bed wishing you were dead
pain that they will have to go through
pain they will have to see.
what it took to just be me.

pain I go through just at school
pain I wish will make me cool
pain that they will never see what it took to just be me

pain in your life
that makes you strive
to just survive

pain that it took
To just be me
pain i go through.
but people can't see.

Anita Blake 10 April 2007

i love the poem. great writing

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i love the way you express your self and im sorry that you have to go through all this hard ship in your life, i love you for trying your best to go on and live a good clean life, if and when i go back to arizona i will look for you, You are My Hero.

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beautiful imperfection 03 September 2007

wow this is an amazing poem! I can totally relate to it! you have an amazing talent, keep it up!

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Ryuu Age 03 February 2009

i really like this poem..this is the first poem i've read here since i'm new..well, write more..i'm waiting for the next one..and nice to know you..

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Stephanie Hendrie 02 February 2009

I really like your poem and can really relate to it because I kno what it feels like to be in pain 24/7 I have a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) your poem explains my kind of pain.

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Livingxdead! Barrett 29 May 2008

That was an amazing poem! Write more! <33

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Mz.Honesty Only 14 January 2008

It's amazing how you put them words together. Everything you said in your poem i feel the same way.I thought i was the only person that felt this way about how people cant feel your pain or understand the things you go though.

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Rony Perez 29 November 2007

Oh my god this is a great poem u are very talented

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