Today's Youth Poem by leticia starkey

Today's Youth

It’s a lot harder growing up today.
Then anytime before
Youth today are surrounded
By drugs, and violence
Nobody knows the struggles
That we go through everyday
Weather it is dealing with kids at school
Or trying to make are self look cool.

Youth today are filled with violence
They will hurt you for money
Regardless of what adults say
Nothing gets in their way
Even if they have to ditch school
It’s what their friends say and they
Think it makes them look cool.

Youth today are disrespect towards people
Even if they don’t know them
They say the person has to respect them first
Youth today are under the influence that they can do what they want.

Youth today are having babies
And giving them away as if it were one of their toy doll
They get rid of them as soon as they can
Because the father he dashed out before he had to pay a dollar.

Youth today are having sex
They don’t care
What people think or say
They think they are living life the right way
But god is still right there trying to show them the right way

Youth today are becoming homosexuals
They don’t understand or even know what they want
I wonder what’s got into youth today
Or what’s the world turning into.

Youth think their in love with a man or woman
Until the person hurts them or doesn’t do what they want
Then they are done.
Please help me youth are one the run.

Youth today are committing suicide
I was reading the paper the other day
And he or she killed themselves with a gun they say
They are running away from their pain
And their tears are flowing down their cheeks calling out help me
Like big drops of rain.

Youth day are joining gangs
They bang and represent their color where they are from
And how come
They are willing to die for their so called homies
While their family has no clue what is going on
Until a police man comes and tells them your son or daughter
Has been found died
Their families will cry but he or she choose to die when they joined a gang.
Youth are dying by the number to be part or 602, bloods, crips, brown pride and many more.

Youth today are being put into foster homes
They don’t know where they might end up
Or who will be there.
Who will put them down who will love them?

Youth today are use to people putting them down and letting them fall
To the ground
There seems like there is not one person who will lay down what they are doing to pick them up and turn their life around.

Youth today are hopeless
They need help.

Henz Timber 03 June 2008

Wow, , , , , this is what i c in my society, ,

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Howard Johnson 29 February 2008

This shows a sever decay of society.Thank you for writing, Leticia

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