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My Own Mental Epiphany, Me - Poem by James Darwin Smith II

Self-cleansing amongst this existence
Coming forth with great persistence
Working amongst my inner self
Creating new memories,
Amassing bright lights within these thoughts
Letting each painful memory go away
Releasing them to the cemetery of voided certainties
A grave laden that will never ever rise again

Too many floods within this past's torment
Emotionally drowning
Thoughts moving way too fast
Patience, it was never around
Falling into a dire cove of dyslexic fairy-tales
Amongst Shangri-La on acid
Representing an upside down cross
Drowning in the currents of deepening wounds of yesteryears

So much mental pain, Wished it was all physical
Whimsical fury of a higher deliverance
Taking me away from this fleshly imprisonment
Screaming and yelling silently that I cannot do this on my own
After all darkness was so easy upon the light that could never once see

Then, an epiphany hits
One stronger than I could ever even comprehend
Telling me how life is one huge lesson
For our soul's to stay intact
As we fight on strong, never again looking back, Again

Upon this very warm feeling I began to smile wide, setting my own self at ease
Then high and behold, the sun started shinning within me
An ethereal heating sensation felt I started again to have faith
Of knowing that I was meant to love, to be loved again
Yet, I was always loved one way or another, Anyhow, Anyway

So now here I sit, calmly
Thinking about this very future
Though I cannot lie, I do worry at times
But here I am a single guy
With eyes on the prize
As I love me, myself and I, like never ever before
When darkness was blinding my third eyed prophecies
Of a passionate red release of sacred moments of dreams

Yet, Here I am
All here, just me

No, I am not normal
Just in a natural state of how I live

If someone does not accept me for whom I am
Well the loss belongs to them, and only them

As this self-love grows stronger by day
A love of another, Grows
As I feel them hitting me so close to home
As I wonder what does it mean?
I guess time, time alone, Will only tell, Soon enough

All will be beautiful from here on out
As all this faith kills all of this retched doubt
Bringing a journey beyond my heart's consent
Here is to the great unknown,
Traveling beyond my own wildest dreams, Unlimited, Unlimited indeed

Where can I be seen? , everywhere and beyond what was all expected of me

I love myself, and now I am truly free

There are rainbows in my heart, after fall
What does that mean?
It's all for your own interpretation
Just know everything is all brand new to me
As I stand stronger in my own personal beliefs
Releasing myself to this word
Not one soul will ever see the last of me, never

I am here for the long haul, duration
Dedicated with such loyal regards
Walking side by side with this world
Where I still roam as an Alien
But that is what makes me feel unique
I may be odd, but even will never be me

Onto me, me, me
Towards You, You She
Claiming my own inner prophecies
Striving to carry on an enduring legacy

Mother Earth, I shall cherish you like never before
Giving love an Angel from the graces for which you implore
My heart, my soul all for love
It will no longer be me, but we, us
As I venture upon your presence like never before
Grasping, Clutching a new age of a starlit within this very universe
This newly built universe within me, spreading to whom? A mystery

Sharing myself, now I will be truly free, Yes, Indeed truly free

There will never be another goodbye but a welcome all from you and me
There is personal meaning in a life full of symbolic meanings
Beyond the great unknown of unlimited achievements
Oh, come within these limitless dreams

If I ever procrastinate again, these thoughts shall scream bloody murder onto me
That is what I truly believe, being forced to try harder than ever before

This has been a cleansing of yours, truly yours, me
My own endurance, my very own mental epiphany
All for whom shall take me for who I am
Unconditional, thus our love shall always remain free

Do you believe in me?

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written on 2/3/13

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