My Password Poem by Gladys Ombati

My Password

How good it feels, holding a glass of sparkling old wine
Because, finally; to say the least, life is fine.
A toast to welcome new members
To the so-called ‘chosen’ few chambers.
He says he is the database administrator,
And with that; hmm-we need a password
To help us be a good facilitator
For the responsibilities in this new world-
And so I had to learn- On how to
Pick myself a good password

A good password is not found in a dictionary-
Oh great; this taught me to be a creative visionary.
And as is so obvious, not thy name,
Because this would make it so lame.
Do not attempt regular patterns and swipes
For a good one includes special characters and numbers
It is not shared with anyone, no matter the types
It cannot be used with other apps, to avoid tampers
All these features I learnt- on how to
Come up with a good password

From the password lesson, I gained wisdom
That would lead me to safe solitude’s kingdom.
Thinking about the feeling of this love
So innocent, so harmless as a dove
That it is not regular nor predictable,
Its special ingredients being respect, character and trust
It cannot be shared with anyone; how indescribable
This love can only be in sync in our tryst
All these I have learnt- On how to
Live my love like a good password.

And with this I promise thee
That as a good password- my love
Will be strong; full of unique character,
Not to be identified by anyone but you.
That much as it might be a mix of ups and lows-
It will be complex- yet exciting.
Since no one will guess my feelings based on
My actions; apart from you. And so as obvious-
I will give you a unique name; just as my password

You will be the password to my heart and mind too!
And I will remember you forever, that I may never reset my love!

Thursday, October 29, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship,hope,love,love and friendship
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