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I won’t deny it,
In fact, I also don’t understand,
How the world tends to confine
And try its best to define

Monday morning, chilly as usual;
A January that marked
The start of the end of a period.
Excited, and all open to making-

Unto me, a job is given
Vague was the definition of the job description
For I was qualified, I was to make it clear
And fulfill all duties with no hesitation

Magical sunset over the horizon
The heart warms up; to
Such beauty formed up in the skies.
Behold, down to the soul; the eyes, the brain form

I loved him and him me;
Unexplained it was
Everyone knew it, and I liked it that way
It was exclusive; every passing day.

More than two decades ago,
A cry was heard in the hospital
A soft loud cry; it made everyone happy.
An angel was born.

Made of rocks of ages,
A big cliff. Water flows
Down, with a great fierce force.
Creates such a scenic view!

Walking down the streets of cities,
And working in the fields upcountry.
Her love so genuinely given unto her children
You can tell, by the sight of her wounds; on her face and body

Crazy sirens on the road;
Sending sharp pains up our spines
Makes me go back to the book of our Lord,
'Teach us to number our days.'Just how many could they be?

The wind blows; sometimes it thunders,
I see the whirlwinds; as rapid as
what is in my heart; violent activities
Of the soul, in agreement with the mind.

You said I didn't know what I wanted
So you painted my heart grey
That I didn't know which way to take
And you labelled my path dark

This inexhausted word,
Has become such a bird
That flies and sets up a nest,
Wherever they feel safe and best.

A bright day, served with a great bask
Brings with it an uncertain task
The blue sky, crystal clear
Showing off God’s magnificent canvas

How good it feels, holding a glass of sparkling old wine
Because, finally; to say the least, life is fine.
A toast to welcome new members
To the so-called ‘chosen’ few chambers.

A part of me greyish; most of it pink,
With the warmth of your closeness.
My soul and heart whisper to me
“all is well”

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This Kind Of Girl

I won’t deny it,
In fact, I also don’t understand,
How the world tends to confine
And try its best to define
This kind of girl
“A girl so full of simplicity.”

She comes from a world
Where people are born selfless
Humanity is beautiful when kind,
How then, will she put in her mind
That wanting more, when in excess is necessary
For this kind of girl?
“A girl so full of kindness.”

Others consider it ridiculous,
What her form of entertainment is,
For ‘top songs’, she knows no lyric,
Save for the sweet hums and mimic
Of ‘her songs’. How does she fit in?
This kind of girl.
“A girl so sweet.”

In her possibly small world,
She has her esteem; perfect confident,
All this shaped by outreach
Till she was taught that it’s in being rich
That brings one honour; how twisted
For this kind of girl!
“A girl so empathetic.”

Even in times of despair
When encouragement seems so useless
Where the only saviour seen is money,
Naturally, she thinks “There's an alternative, honey.”
For her, sweet memories are made of this
Materialism is a new kind of word and world-
For this kind of girl.
“A girl so careful.”

Well, this kind of girl,
Just this kind, believes in herself.
She trusts all is fine; and her smile-
It has taught her to travel the mile
In this chaotic world. In being her, just her;
She believes- is the kind of girl this world needs.
“A girl so loving.”

A girl so full of simplicity, a girl so full of kindness,
A girl so sweet, a girl so empathetic,
A girl so careful.
A girl that serves the world with so much love.
A girl in her own world- is what this world needs!
This kind of girl.

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Feeding our minds negative thoughts ending up with negative deeds hence the 'barrenness of society' in good deeds and morals.

Sometimes love is waking up to no longer being friends with your best-friend and meeting them and feeling like you are not strangers either.

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