Gladys Ombati Poems

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This Kind Of Girl

I won’t deny it,
In fact, I also don’t understand,
How the world tends to confine
And try its best to define


Monday morning, chilly as usual;
A January that marked
The start of the end of a period.
Excited, and all open to making-

I Sacked God

Unto me, a job is given
Vague was the definition of the job description
For I was qualified, I was to make it clear
And fulfill all duties with no hesitation

My Big Eyes

Magical sunset over the horizon
The heart warms up; to
Such beauty formed up in the skies.
Behold, down to the soul; the eyes, the brain form


I loved him and him me;
Unexplained it was
Everyone knew it, and I liked it that way
It was exclusive; every passing day.

A Flower's Beauty

More than two decades ago,
A cry was heard in the hospital
A soft loud cry; it made everyone happy.
An angel was born.

Waterfall Love

Made of rocks of ages,
A big cliff. Water flows
Down, with a great fierce force.
Creates such a scenic view!

Her Silent Screams

Walking down the streets of cities,
And working in the fields upcountry.
Her love so genuinely given unto her children
You can tell, by the sight of her wounds; on her face and body

My Numbered Days

Crazy sirens on the road;
Sending sharp pains up our spines
Makes me go back to the book of our Lord,
'Teach us to number our days.'Just how many could they be?

Next Time It Rains

The wind blows; sometimes it thunders,
I see the whirlwinds; as rapid as
what is in my heart; violent activities
Of the soul, in agreement with the mind.

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