Pulling Habits Out Of Rats Poem by ToddMichael St. Pierre

Pulling Habits Out Of Rats

Rating: 5.0

I’m no genie or Houdini,
I’m The Famous Rob Kabob.
Hocus-pocus I must focus,
I must think to do my job.
First I get in this position,
While the rat sits very still.
I’m part Shrink and part Magician,
And it takes a secret skill.
People ask, 'Rob what’s your job? '
But they figure I am joking,
When I tell them I help rats
To stop drinking and stop smoking.
Some rats are such nail-biters,
Still others tend to overeat.
I wave my magic wand 3 times,
And PRESTO my work is complete.
I no longer miss my old job,
Pulling RABBITS out of HATS.
I’m The Famous Rob Kabob,
I pull HABITS out of RATS!

Stephen Severn 20 December 2006

What a word tapestry you have woven with this one! Impressive!

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Krista Powell 20 December 2006

I can get over how amazingly good this poem is. Count me as a new fan!

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Malcolm Burns 20 December 2006

you have it down to an art

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Belinda Gomez 20 December 2006

one of my absolute favorites

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Rhett Watson 20 December 2006

Ditto times ten-clever!

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Mah Ham 04 July 2021

Extremely clever writing!

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Kayla Newton 19 March 2007

Really, really hilarious! ! !

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Timothy Blackwell 12 January 2007

Very Clever indeed!

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Kirby Gibson 12 January 2007

LMAO, is all I can say, good one!

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Wendy Barrett 12 January 2007

really enjoyable verse

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