My Puppies Poem by Puppy Luver (10 years old)

My Puppies

Little cute puppies,
Tap ‘em on the head;
Love ‘em, and kiss ‘em,
A comfortable bed.

My little angel
Won me a grammy;
She’s really so special,
We just call her Sammy.

Have many more dogs,
But one is Roxanne;
Someone attacks me:
She runs and SLAM!

My most loyal dog,
Very gentle and kind,
She knows her name’s Cricket:
A very smart mind.

This next one is active,
Her full name is Daisy.
She’ll never stop running
‘Cuz she’s never lazy

My cutest sweetheart,
Her name is Popcorn,
I knew she was brave,
The second she was born

My loveable angels
Charming puppy face
They all love to play
Especially to chase.

They are all my sweeties,
My cute little ones,
Tiny nose, floppy ears
Worth a million of suns.

Jalisa Berrain 28 March 2007

I am going to be afraid of you in a few years when you polish up your skills. So young but so brilliant. You've taught me that simple is good. I'll keep that in mind next time i right. Thank You.

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Jennifer Her 26 March 2007 their cute..lovely rhyming^^

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Patricia Gale 25 March 2007

Cute piece just like puppies!

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