Puppy Luver (10 years old)

Puppy Luver (10 years old) Poems

I hit the court
The ball in my hand
Only problem is
I lost my wristbands

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I sure wish
I could be with you.

Little cute puppies,
Tap ‘em on the head;
Love ‘em, and kiss ‘em,
A comfortable bed.

I was hoping for someone
to come down the street
maybe someone special
perhaps even sweet

Friendship is an important thing
You'll need them by you're side.
You may get into fights with them,
Two days later...your back together again.

Little ping pong ball
back and forth you go
bouncing over table net
on your way to “pro.”

Splashing waterfalls
Making beautiful sightings
Like a sprinkler
Resting and watching water

Distructive, strong winds
Destoying homes everywhere
Sad and homeless kids
Losing jobs and money too!


Running very fast
Hungry for honey and oats
Yummy, yummy oats
Galloping to excersize

Passing balls to one another
scramble on the soccer field
desperate to score the winning goal
five seconds left; pressure builds up.

If you really like someone
But he doesn't like you back.
You'll have to let the pain go
And let it fly far away.


Soft and chewy cake
Tasty frosting on the top
Eating it all night
Marble or vanilla cake

Hopping here and there
Humongous ears and big feet
Running really fast
Away from kids who catch them

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Basketball Time!

I hit the court
The ball in my hand
Only problem is
I lost my wristbands

They're somethin' special
I couldn't replace
Another problem is
I didn't tie my lace

Then I realized
That it's not the bling
It's the faith in yourself
cause I made it in the ring

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David Corman 31 March 2007

You should try your hand at my kind of topics.

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