Tin Mouse

My Ranger Knight - Poem by Tin Mouse

My Knight in shining armor
Covered in silver plated gold
From head to toe
When night comes he gleams in the moon
He shot his cupids arrow through my heart
My Knight in shining armor

My Knight in shining armor
Can’t see his face because it is covered
By a deep dark Rangers cloak
Hiding in the shadows
Of time in pain and
Deep concentration
My Knight of a Ranger

My Knight in shining armor
When will I unmask thee?
I can’t hold back thy urge
To take thee hooded cloak off
Waiting for the time of sleep
So I can shudder thy man
In a graceful light
My Ranger of the night

My deep and longing desires
Are coming soon
And I will never see his face
From the dark of the moon
Because of his cloak
Hiding the desire of the race
The chase begins in uncharted space
Water rising to the sound
Waves licking and raging like the salamanders around

Reaching for my Ranger Knight
But he is holding back in the night
Taking me with his adventure side
My heart and body belongs to him tonight
Covered in towering kisses
But his face is still covered in his cloak
This man is my Ranger Knight

Deep shadows of darkness blue
Still in the arms of my Ranger Knight
Wanting to unmask this man
And I will beg him to never let me
Go from his site
Cause he is my Ranger Knight
From the NIGHT

From the night and to the sun
I long and wait
For his touch that brings longing sensations
From day to night
He took my soul
With his Rangers side
Smothers me in deep de found Kisses
From Night to day
I am his to stay
From here and today
He will always be my
Ranger Knight of the dark of today! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 26, 2012

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