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I love you,
With every day that passes by! !

I love you,

Please kiss me again,
Your lips are soft,
Like angel wings,
But when you leave me I die,

When I look into the ocean blue
I think of you,
I see your tousled black hair,
And your dreamy brown eyes


Abby I remembered your name,
I remembered your face,
I remember the tears you cried that day
Don't leave me, I don't want you to leave me

Life can be harmless
And life can be great
But life right now
Is hard to contain

My Savior
My regaining light,
Dark blonde hair,
And lovely aqua eyes,

Not sleeping again,
Afraid of everything suffocating me,
Afraid of drowning inside my pillow,
Never waking from a dream,

Here we are once again,
Inside a place,
Where my dreams begin,
Inside my head,

Trying to fill,
This empty void,
That is always inside me,
When you are no where to be found,

Why must I be told these things?
Why must it hurt me?
I guess because the reason it hurts me,
Is because you're not the one telling me,

Follow your heart to what it wants,
Find the soul that's close,
To the one you want to share,
Just listen to your hearts whispering words,

A keeper that's what I am,
Who's heart has been shattered again,
The moon was my home,
But now it seems so far,

The last kiss
Saved for last
When I pass away
Through the light

Peace to all the people
That can stay with me
One to stay
Out of the darkness

Your heart is sore
From the pain you see
Because your friendship
Is not what it used to be?

My mother tries and tries,
But she always dies,
Because she doesn't see what is inside,
She's trying to get me to stay away from you,

I cant ask you to stay
but you can do the same
stay here
or not

Forever lost because of you
You hit me with one forbidden
Swoop of your fist
Black eyes and bleeding

Another time has come
For me to cut my wrist again
You left me in the dust
Said I was cheating

The life I see
Is the life that is drowning me?
I can’t seem to see
From the pool of water that6 surrounds me

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Age: 26 Gender: female The reason i write poems is because i have so much emotions built up inside me that this is the only way to get them out. to me when people say they cant write poetry i just say that everyone is a poet its just their poet is hiding deep inside you. i grew up in a very small town in oregon the town was called Umattila and everyone hated me their. but when i am on here i can be free and just be myself and do one of the things that i love the most and that is writing poetry. some of teh words that i write capture people into reading it more but with these poems i know what to expect cause without my poetry i would be a bloody rotten mess.)

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****i Love You****

I love you,
With every day that passes by! !

I love you,
For who you are deep inside,
It doesn't matter to me on what other people think of you,
As long as I know your mine! !

I love you,
Because you have a heart to share! !

I love you,
Not only for who you are,
But who I am when I am with you! ! ! !

I love you,
For how your smile dances
When you look at me!

I love you,
Because you bring out a part of me
That I never knew! !

I love you,
When you know how I am,
When I am sad and ready to cry,
And all you do is hug me and hold me tight! !

I love you,
When you over look all my
Foolish and weak things that try to devour me
And that you can't help dimly seeing there! ! !

I love you,
With all my heart for always! !

I love you,
For always drawing out the light in me! ! ! ! ! !

I love you,
For all the beautiful things that you found in me,
That no one else looked hard enough to find! ! !

I love you,
For being yourself
And no one ever changing you! ! ! ! ! !

I love you,
For your smile and your deep eyes match
With your deep safe serenity! ! ! ! !

I love you,
For everything that you have become! !

I love you,
For the way you have made me
Feel like a long lost temple,
That only you were able to find! ! !

I love you,
Because without you,
We would never be a song! !

I love you,
Because our song
Will play on and on! !

I love you,
Forever and always! ! ! !

I love you,
For the only person ever
To get me to blush! ! !

I love you,
For always laughing with me
And not at me! ! !

I love you,
For always putting my head up,
When I want to put it down! ! ! ! ! !

I love you,
Because your heart and soul,
Touched me deeply! ! ! ! !

I love you,
Because when we are apart
I never feel like myself! ! ! ! !

I love you,
Because my heart will always be yours! ! ! ! !

I love you,
For loving me! ! ! !
And with this all,
I just wanted to let you know,
~*~*I LOVE YOU*~*~

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