My Sister And A Tall Mister Poem by Tobi Awodunmila

My Sister And A Tall Mister

Rating: 4.5

I once had a little sister
Who went about with a tall mister
She won't listen to mother and I
Just because she wasn't nine

My little sister's name was Ruth
And she feels I'm such a brute
Just because I said No
To a mam she feels she knows

The tall mister wasn't so bad
But in fits of anger he could be mad
And that my little sister don't want to hear
Feeling all that she could bear

So my mother and I took a decision
To allow my sister to take an action
Afterall she is a lady
And old enough to have a baby

After about a year of marriage
I had a call from my brother-in-law
He's been a bloody savage
And has since been caught up by law

When you are late
Then its finally late
Cos by then she was gone
After she was killed with a gun

when I think about my little sister
And the brute tall mister
I always feel pain
Of which there is no gain

(To all those who lost there close relatives to in-Laws)

Amy Louise Kerswell 08 August 2007

If this is true then its very sad. Unfortuanatly in life we all think we know best and dont want to hear the truth untill its too late. I don't always listen to my brother but I listen to my mother becuase a mother always knows best

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Cece Lamberts 07 August 2007

I'm not sure if the story is real, but it's really shocking to talk about family violence in a simple way like this. I like your style, telling it like it is, and not having to involve nature, or the sun, or the rainbow to talk about what's going on in your life. Keep writing Tobi, CeCe

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Dolores Del Mar 07 August 2007

tobi, i like when you write about your family. as i reader i would say, dont mind so much about rhymes. they can make a poem really tasty but i dont really think they are a must. just let your life shows in your words - that contains more poetry than most of peoples life :)

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