Life And Death Poem by Tobi Awodunmila

Life And Death

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Is this a normal bridge?

I use to think bridge
Are meant to link towns
They are meant to be built
And could sometimes be expensive
They have definite length
Regardless of who pass through
But there is this funny bridge
It didn’t link town
Neither did it link cities
It length is not definite
It’s not expensive
So much than the poor can afford it
It is this bridge
That link life and death

we all walk on
both good and bad
without knowing the end
it could be long for some
it could be short fot others
but the truth is
we are all on a bridge
and time will surely tell
how long we are going to walk

Olugbenga Ayoola 11 April 2009

i really like you peom, you peom tell the gap btw death and live, also talk about the brige in lagos state, well good writter, read my peom also life never tire.

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Tobi Awodunmila 28 August 2007

some have likened the earth to a stage but i can only liken it to a bridge

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Amy Louise Kerswell 08 August 2007

I'm not sure that I understand the poem yet it would be easier if you could go into more depth. But I get the bit that life and death are morealess the same any way

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Alexandria Belle Cabilida 07 August 2007

this poem..if you will going to read it just like a NORMAL reading it you could not see the meaning. but if you look beyond the meaning of it..there is actually a meaning...and i know what is it..but TOBI.. it will help other ordinary readers to understand if you will elaborate farther..

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Tobi Awodunmila

Tobi Awodunmila

Lagos, Nigeria
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