My Stranger Love Poem by Ria Rose

My Stranger Love

Rating: 2.9

I’m searching for you,
Oh yes, this is true!
But I don’t know when or if
I’ll never find you…
With a pure heart of kind & Love!

You come in my dreams
You haunt my days
But, will I ever meet you
My heart wonders always.
Like waves in the sea

Yet I haven’t even seen you
With a pure heart of kind & Love!
I can almost feel you
I can almost hear you
But a mist gathers in my eyes

And my vision blurs with tears
Sometimes I feel, you’re within my reach
But then I wake and find I was asleep
And I’m still far away from you…
In search of you with a pure heart of kind & love!

But someday, my dear
The mist will clear
And, I’ll meet you; without any fear
My love for you is pure; and that is why I’m sure
One day I’m going to find you… My Stranger Love!

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 23 June 2009

Keep searching, Ria. You will find your love one day. Best Wishes Naseer

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the poem started of very well and last four lines seems a little clumsy with same rhyming, but the overall picture of the poem was a delight to read

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Catrina Heart 12 June 2009

Lovely romantic poem.....stranger love wish you home!

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