! ! ! ! The Essence Of One ! ! ! ! Poem by Ria Rose

! ! ! ! The Essence Of One ! ! ! !

Rating: 2.6

One raindropp will quench the thirst inside.
One grain of sand trapped in an oyster very tight.
One budding flower in the garden outside.
One free bird flying high, scaling the sky.

One lost soul finding its way back home tonight.
One hope that tightens everything around.
One emotion, of a million different kinds.
One deed of kindness brings tears to my eyes.

One touch of mine will heal your pain inside.
One memory that will always remain in your mind.
One single ship that will survive the dark storm.
One star that will shine in purest light.

One sun warming what lies beneath the skies.
One band, holding another, grasping it tight.

One perseverance, I will climb mountains without feel.
One struggle, fights overcome.
One earth that keeps us together all the time.
One love, it stands the test of time.

One way, a new direction, a long road.
One long sleep in a bed of pot-pourri.
One epitaph that says:

“One lies underneath the dry leaves,
Resting in a bed of her own.”

One moment, this is how far my life goes…
One will remain forever,
Everything else will be mortalised.

Obinna Eruchie 30 September 2009

Each and every line essential shows how one can be essential to overcome all odds. Motivating.

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Chitra - 04 July 2009

the power of ONE...is all matters at the end of the day well expressed!

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