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My Testament - Poem by M.J.E. Edmiston

Has Came And Gone Over Thousands Of Years,
Months And Days,
Thousands Have Died Out
Erased Away
With The Civilizations From Which They Were Made
To Believe And Praise It To Be The One And Only Way,
Without An Answer To The Storys Left Page After Page
That Even Today Can't Be Unexplained During Modern Days.

Would You Believe Me If I Had Told You That I Talked To God
Through A Bush Lit Up In Flames,
Then Why Would You Believe Accusations Made By A Man Back Then,
We Would Call Him Insaine Today?

All Religions Are Man Made
Fictional Tales Told By A Book
Sold By Crooks
To Followers That Are Pawns And Rooks
In A Chess Game That's Washes Brains
Leaven Em Drained And Enslaved.

Religions Are The Cause Of Bad Decisions,
War, Racial Tension.
And A Divide On Humanities Road Of Continued Existence.
Here's A Fact For Your Fiction.

No Man Or Woman Has Died More In Vien
Than In The Name Of God.
No War, Conflict, Disagreement Or Disease
Has Cost Humanity Such Grief Chaos
Than These Great Gods Passed On Each Generation.
Parents Raping Their Babies Innocence And Inteligence
Made As All Slaves Chained Inside A Cage Of Kuruption
Passed From Generation To Generation.

This Is The 1st Testament Of My Prophecies
Calling Religion A Mockery To Humanities Maturity.
It's Like We Cant Speak And Still Hang On Trees.
Because We All Disagree, With Disagreeing Violently As If It Was Policy
Willing To Die Kill And Bleed
Over One Anothers Beliefs.

The World And Life As We Know It,
Will Never Find Peace.
If All These People And Their Beliefs,
Need To Learn Reality From What They Read,
Because Its A Giant Leap Of Fate,
Not Faith.
When These Fantasys Are Mistaken
For The One And Only Path Way
Foresaking All Others Books That Are Fake.

Ive Come To Accept If I'm Wrong.
As Long As I Believed In More Than A Veiw That Was Broad.
But What If You Spent Life
Following Along
To Out Dated Laws
Believing In A Book Of Men Who Talked About the son of god
Coming To Find Out
He Knew Them,
And You Were All Wrong

Can You Accept That Fact That When You Die
You Wont Be Waiting At The End Of A Line
Somewhere In The Sky
Waiting For Some Guy In White
To Tell You Your Naughty Or Nice.

At Least I Spent My Time Full Of Questions And Willing To Learn.
Instead Of Bein Bred With,
Judgment Embeded,
In Your Retarded Helmet Headed,
Brain Thatll Never Get It.
Until You Met With Your Last Second
Which Ticks
Into The First Second
Of Life After Death
In Another Demention
As A Decendent of the Universe Beyond The Flesh
apart Of Intelligance Intended Beyond Comprehension
Where Knowledge Is An Endless Possession
Like Possibilitys
So Accept it.

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