M.J.E. Edmiston

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The Prison Of Religion - Poem by M.J.E. Edmiston

You get it in where you fit in.
There's A Divide How We Live Our Lives,
From Country, To Race,
To Religious Faith.
Christians Are The Majority Percentage Of The United States,

And The Middle East Are Colonys Never In Peace.
All Mixed With The Jewish Buddists Hinduist And Greeks.
Myths Like Romans And Gods People Believed For Centuries.

16 Storys Before Jesus Existed Mention Immaculate Conception.
From a VirgiN bIRTH.
To Men Who Possesed A Gift
Healing The Sick
Levatation And Ressurections From Crucifixs.

Jesus's Storys Alot Like,
The Alleged Messiahs Hundreds Of Years Before Him.
Most you religious idiots
have never heard of more than 3 religions.
To You Fools
you never knew theres more ridiculous stories than wicked witches and dorthys

Joseph Smith Conivced A Village Filled with idiots.
Without Evidence To Back It.
With A Salesmens Pitch
An Abomination Of Intelligance
Is What The Mormon Religion Is.

Whats the difference from believing that the darker you skin is
the more sin that needs to be cleansed from within.
And Mass extermination For an Aryan nation?

The degree doesnt matter
because at the end, its racist!
If the isrealites are gods people
than why do whites believe in the book of the hebrews?

I could take 5 newborns and raise them for 20 years in the jungle
and teach them anything i want.
I Could make them believe i cause storms write my own bible and make them believe that im god.

because thats all theyll know
like you who follow one without an idea of another
because how you gonna show others theyre suckers
if your minds in the gutter behind closed shutters?

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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