My Thoughts Poem by nicky joyce

My Thoughts

Rating: 5.0

You started getting cold with me for the last few days
What have I done so wrong why did it all change?
I know you're poorly and I wish I could help
But shutting me out when I`m hurting
Feels like I`m locked in hell
I won't tell you as that's not fair
Killing me inside as I`m not there
Giving you time and your space to
I know were both different
But my gut is tied with knots over you
My heads saying you're were you want to be
Not just cause your poorly
Cause it`s there and not with me
We all have our issues and she`s there for you
Am I jealous much that I will never tell you
She`s been there for you right from the start
You may not see it but she has look in your heart
She`s helped you threw your darkest hour
Stood by your side gives you a lovely smile
Now I`m not bitter nor twisted to
I know your there for a reason
Your kids and health issues to
Now I sit here and I type
Wanting to release my pain but it isn't working
I`m just going completely insane

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