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A Lost Good Friend

I sit here with a shocked face
Cant explain what just took place
I get told that a friend has died
What do i say i just want to cry

My Unique Friend Thats How We Roll :)

My friend is unique
My friend is one of a kind
My friend is perfect
My friend is someone hard to find

Your Life, My Life, Our Life, New Life

I am so lucky come look at me
See what I have see what I’ve achvied
Come listen for a while and listen real good
Will tell you how it started but the start was not good

Judging Someone

Something shining so deep and bright
What was this standing in my sight?
Was this the person I once saw?
That’s impossible surely it’s a door

Spin Me In A Teacup.

Spin me in a tea cup
Spin me round and round
Spin me till I lose my memory
Spin me till I lose my frown


Beautiful surroundings dazzle my eyes
A sense of laughter taken by surprise
Thinking of travel and the big wide world
Looking for inspiration while you toss and turn

What If! ! ! ! ! ! !

What if I broke you like you broke me?
What if I fixed you but you didn’t me
What if I hurt you like you did me?
What if I tried but you didn’t see

Thank You

Thank you for being so endearing
Thank you for the time you have given
Thank you for sharing some laughs
Thank you, you are top class

Tidal Waves

Tidal waves we sit and watch
Thundering sounds clashing thoughts
Water flows with such depth and grace
We sit and look with sheer amaze

Read Me

Looking at the four walls
Struggling with all these fears
Trying to understand
When and if I will heal

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