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I sit here with a shocked face
Cant explain what just took place
I get told that a friend has died
What do i say i just want to cry

My friend is unique
My friend is one of a kind
My friend is perfect
My friend is someone hard to find

I am so lucky come look at me
See what I have see what I’ve achvied
Come listen for a while and listen real good
Will tell you how it started but the start was not good

Something shining so deep and bright
What was this standing in my sight?
Was this the person I once saw?
That’s impossible surely it’s a door

Spin me in a tea cup
Spin me round and round
Spin me till I lose my memory
Spin me till I lose my frown

Beautiful surroundings dazzle my eyes
A sense of laughter taken by surprise
Thinking of travel and the big wide world
Looking for inspiration while you toss and turn

What if I broke you like you broke me?
What if I fixed you but you didn’t me
What if I hurt you like you did me?
What if I tried but you didn’t see

Thank you for being so endearing
Thank you for the time you have given
Thank you for sharing some laughs
Thank you, you are top class

Tidal waves we sit and watch
Thundering sounds clashing thoughts
Water flows with such depth and grace
We sit and look with sheer amaze

Looking at the four walls
Struggling with all these fears
Trying to understand
When and if I will heal

Take my hand and hold it tight
I will take you and show you light
Listen to me me while I talk
Will give you answers to undo that thought

Lying in the bath thinking
Of all the things I want to say
But when it comes down to it
They all seem to stray away

You started getting cold with me for the last few days
What have I done so wrong why did it all change?
I know you're poorly and I wish I could help
But shutting me out when I`m hurting

The day is done, and the darkness falls
A feeling of achievement and goals
For once was a beautiful day
Turned to sadness and sorrow

People are liar’s frauds and fakes
Taking people`s hearts and scrunching them away
Toiling with their emotions to suit their needs
Looking back laughing as they leave

My aunt to me is the greatest person in this world,
one in a million one to fix all hurt
She has the biggest heart with the most caring touch,
which she shares with me so very much

Starting to feel sadden and depressed
I helped you find yourself when you were distressed
Feeling alone unthought-of and deprived
For some unknown reason brings tears to my eyes

Wondering around with bare feet
Touching the sand tickling my feet
The sea air filling my lungs
Being there makes me close to my son

Amazing is what I use to think
Before mind starts to over think
Wanting to sit and watch the waves
Wanting to stare at ur amazing gaze

Please don’t leave me
I need you in my life
Someone I trust
Someone who knows all my sides

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I was born and raised in Tiverton Devon, my father is a agricultural contractor and my mother an housewife. As a child I enjoyed gymnastics and the out doors, I have 3 sisters and one brother.I took part in my local majorettes to which my older sister and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We travelled to different towns and preformed.I studied at Tiverton high school where I passed all my GCSE`S. After leaving full time education I was more concerned about getting money and worked in a chicken processing factory. Growing up I wanted to be a mum and start my own business but life never pans out the way you think it will when your a child. I enjoyed looking after children and the fulfilment I had was a wonderful feeling. I worked in a nursery for a while and learnt children`s behaviours could change with the smallest upset. I desided then I wasn't ready for being a mum and wanted to explore what more I was capable of. growing up you have all these wonderful thoughts and think life would be easy but when your at the stage the realisation of it hits you. writing poetry is like a realise of all inner thoughts feelings. I have three cracking kids to which im very proud of and also went to college and became a qualifield teaching assistant. working with children has gave me alot of insperation.)

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A Lost Good Friend

I sit here with a shocked face
Cant explain what just took place
I get told that a friend has died
What do i say i just want to cry
I wanted to say im sorry to hear
But when i went to say it
Nothing would appear
I wanted to say your joking
That its not true your lieing right
But what i feel is nothing at all
What about his family
they got the call
There pain there suffer
They lost it all
They lost there dad husband to
We lost a friend
A good one at that
One of cheer and full of yap
Loved his bikes and family to
A great guy through and through
I know you wont see it
Or read it all
But your with us always
S R F this is for you x

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