Hazzard Jasso

My Timeline (Change) - Poem by Hazzard Jasso

Fifteen years old and I've seen so many things
So many people bleed
So much death and despair
On the streets of this 913
Learned to roll a blunt
Before I could write my name
Pullin crazy stunts
Since my homies brought me in the game
My girls set me straight
But back in the day
I was a major player in every way

8 years old
Took my first puff puff smoke smoke
Big cousin told me to jus inhale
I was supposed to choke
My face was posed to turn pale

10 years old
Slicked back hair
A 9yne at my side
Been in so many fights
Sold pounds of dro
A vato looked at me wrong
He'd sing a sad song
After I put my piece to his head
And brought him peace so he'd be dead

13 years old
And in the game
Rollin through the streets
Eleven thirty five exactly
He told me to wait in the car and see
I watched my homie
Step out of the ride
And in five minutes my whole damn life changed
An everyday deal he said
But at the end of the night
His ass was dead
I thought I had his back
But it just turned out that
That coulda been me
And I'd be the one who was buried
July 18,2005 (R.I.P. Chewey)

15 years old
Im outta the game
Happier than I've ever been
Living a life of no sin
Just chillin me and my girlfriend
Bein a good little mexican
For once in my life
Damn, it feels nice

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 4, 2008

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