Danielle Joseph

My Trip To Space - Poem by Danielle Joseph

So last week these aliens walked up to me, said you're coming with us an abducted me, a ship flew over my head with a suction-beam and pulled me off of my feet reluctantly. Next thing I knew the ground had disappeared, I was on a table two of them were sitting near, one walked over lend down and said listen here, we come from a different time and a whole different year. A different world and a whole other galaxy from the beginning we've witnessed your races greed and savagery.

For a while I was in a daze, just the the thought of aliens I've always been amazed, but I couldn't think straight I was lost in his gaze, his giant eyes filled with what looked like outer-space. What do you want from me I questioned him, he stretched out his hands said no need for questioning, Your species is in great need of rescuing, this is our attempt at savior so lets begin. He leaned forward pressed his hand to my face, and at first I thought I was having hallucinations. The room twisted light was running through the place and next thing I knew I was in a completely new location.

I heard his voice say this is the year 2030, I was in a city the skies above were very murky. It looked like the world had been through an Apocalypse, crumbled up and thrown into tiny bits. He spoke again the future you see will ensue, the ignorance of your kind is spilling through, Most of what you've been thought to believe isn't true, but with our help a better future is still in view. The system your living in is very broken, and the masses of your people need to be awoken, The powers of your leaders need to be revoked and the time has come for a real change to be put in motion. Suddenly the scene went black and I was in my bed, opening my eyes his voice still ringing in my head all i could hear was the last thing he said, Return to earth and make sure the message is spread! ! ! !

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Once again I was at home and just so this idea with aliens came to my head, reluctant to write it because it is a weird topic, I still decided to complete it because I always take my poetic ideas seriously.This style of writing is completely different that my usual but I still like it.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 27, 2013

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